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Naviworks is a company that connects your world to the virtual Metaverse world.
Our company specializes in the provision of VR (virtual world) and OTO (offline to online) services in smart monitoring and control areas with the view of realizing our whole lives in digital spaces, especially in national defense, public service, general industries, and education sectors.

By means of connection of offline education, training, and experience centers with online experience, sharing, and control services, we will enable you to liven up your lives effectively and efficiently.

  • Management philosophy
    • Benefiting the world with human-oriented technology
  • Management missions
    • Cultivation of ethical and scientific manpower
    • Design of happiness for global customers
    • Creation of a future through passion and sacrifice
  • Management goals
    • Training talented individuals through education and practices
    • Realizing customer satisfaction with continuous process improvements
    • Creating a culture of co-existence with gratitude and care for others
  • Corporate culture
    • Taking care of others like a family, communicating with each other open-mindedly, creating things with great enthusiasm, and taking responsibility like an owner.