Naviworks’ Smart City platform is an intelligent monitoring
and control system embodied in the Metaverse environment,
aimed at simulating various municipal problems using
the digital twin technology, IoT sensors, and big data to support
decision-making processes in quick linkage with relevant agencies
and provide a smart operating system.

  • Service overview
    • Simulating situations of the city inside a 3D environmental platform constructed with the Digital Twin
    • Real-time collection and visualization of data using the IoT sensors, CCTVs, and various other devices
    • Supporting decision making based on the AI and Big Data
    • Speedy cooperation between the related agencies and departments in the case of problems in the city in relation to transportation, fire, disasters, etc
  • Expected outcome
    • Protection of life and assets through an enhanced response system
    • Increased management efficiency through intelligent control
    • Realization of high efficiency and low cost through smartification of control
  • 01

    High-efficiency / Low-cost

  • 02

    Improved management efficiency

  • 03

    Protection of life and
    property through quick response