Naviworks’ monitoring and control platform called MetaⅠEyes is
engineered to analyze weapons systems and collect structure / semi-structured / unstructured data
for the purpose of supporting decision making by commanding officers based on
a large database of battle space situations.
The platform provides a combat management system which controls all-source battle fields
through the convergence and visualization of IoT data together with real-time visual streaming.

  • 01

    Representation of custom-tailored environments

  • 02

    High-quality monitoring of environments

  • 03

    Convenience of operations

  • 04

    Supporting for effective judgment through the provision of integrated info

  • 05

    Cost reduction through improved development productivity

Creation of a remote-control center and provision of integrated monitoring service

원격 통제 센터 구축 및 통합 관제 서비스
  1. Design

  2. Establishment

  3. Maintenance

  4. Education

  • An intelligent command and control service based on integrated manned/unmanned arms operating systems and network-centered command and control centers
  • A monitoring system covering C2, C4I, warship, combat system areas
  • Creation of opposing forces through AI’s deep learning and supporting of simulated combat systems

Application examples

  • Joint command data link system projects
  • Joint and air defense command and control
  • Army command and control C4I
  • Intelligence ship and next-gen landing ship projects