Our offline multi-purpose training centers for national defense/public/industrial sectors that have been established for more than 20 years
now act as multi-purpose super-realistic training and education centers
that are automated and hyper-connected to the virtual 3D Metaverse.

These facilities will maximize the effects of training and the convenience of operations
by providing five sense-based immersive training services,
ensuring inter-operability through interworking with multiple devices and other systems, and offering user environments and AI-based automation that make multi-user participation possible.

  • 01

    This common virtual training framework enables users to select the software and hardware that are necessary for their training environments just like Lego blocks

  • 02

    Automated training scenarios, Intelligent multiple agents, Automatic training evaluation

  • 03

    Executing individual and team training effectively through multiuser participation and real-time digital live streaming

  • 04

    Providing personalized immersive training curricula and systematic management programs

  • Advance briefing on MR
  • XR Training Center
  • VR/AR training system
  • AI training creation/evaluation

Application examples

  • Project for the mass-production of Army Aviation’s tactical training simulators
    • 6 different aircraft types operational on the same simulator
    • Specialized for tactical team training through interworking of simulators
    • Involved in the repair and maintenance of tactical training simulators operated by the Army Aviation Command
  • VR simulators developed a global small defense giant
    • A research and development project
    • A light-weight simulator employing VR and haptic devices
  • Integration of Army Aviation’s tactical training simulators into its weapons system
  • Navy’s virtual training system
  • Next-gen VR simulators developed by a global small defense giant
  • Development of VR-based cyber context-aware and visualization software
  • Maritime Police’s Maritime Accident Response Training Simulator (at Maritime Police Training Academy in June 2019)
    • Integrated training by means of a multiuser participation environment consisting of a commander, rescue members, and rescue ships, based on 500 actual incidents
  • National Fire Agency’s Immersive/Realistic Training System
    • Presentation of more than 1000 scenarios and MR/XR training environments
  • Development of a VR-based maritime rescue operations system for both individuals and integrated teamwork
  • Research on the development and establishment of immersive experience-based advanced fire-fighting training systems
  • Establishment of an advanced all-source control center for the Maritime Police
  • Delivery of a non-scenario fire-fighting drill system