MediClub, a medical metaverse, connects competent Korean doctors with patients around the world.
There are no geographical restrictions, nor in time and space. You just access MediClub and will have a consultation right away.
This is a platform when both patients and doctors can find happiness. Please sign up for a membership with Mediclub.

  • 01

    Doctors are waiting on the virtual hospital

  • 02

    A “message” requesting a medical consultation arrives

  • 03

    Together with basic bio data checked with devices (such as kiosk, smartphone, etc.) installed at home or in a public place

  • 04

    The doctor answered has a remote consultation with the applicant (online, by phone, or by video conferencing)

  • 05

    Payment is made by a mobile device

When you log in to MediClub
Digital health consultation is in progress.

  • Check-up

    Easy on your own

  • Result inquiry

    Results at a glance

  • Telemedicine

    Anytime you want a doctor

  • Screen treatment

    Doctor consultation in real time

Powered by MediClub
Check out the various features.

  • Blood pressure

  • Blood sugar

  • Temperature

  • Oxygen saturation

  • ECG

  • Watch interlock

  • Doctors
    • Securing patients home and abroad through remote consultation matching
    • Utilizing the platform for the promotion of the hospital
    • Improving hospital management through the establishment of a big data base
  • Patients
    • Fast access
    • Accurate diagnosis
    • Economical medical bills