Learning Management Service

This virtual Meta Edu Service in interlocking with offline education/training programs provides personalized systematic immersive educational curricula and a management program.
It presents trainees with tailored educational content and curricula through the collection and analysis of the education/training data of education participants
and enables teachers and instructors to achieve effective education and management based on insight-oriented education and a systematic management system.

  • 01

    Consultation on content with field experts, educational materials designers, and professional instructors

  • 02

    Education using experience-centered content, which improves practicality and replaces high-risk, high-cost educational curricula

  • 03

    Offering contact/no-contact environments applicable and available anywhere and anytime

  • 04

    Creating various virtual environments freely using a scenario authoring tool and 3D content

  • 05

    Maximizing educational effects through interaction between persons and objects and participation of multiple users