The precious tourism resources of each city meet with cutting-edge technology to be reborn as a smart tourism city.
Create an immersive smart tourism city that provides a differentiated experience for existing tourism resources through the fusion of smart technologies such as virtual mixed reality, artificial intelligence, and big data through STAR XR of Naviworks Co., Ltd.

  • 01
    • Reduction in the burden of initial development costs through a monthly subscription program
    • We provide VR/AR tools and additional services to facilitate speedy service implementation and distribution
  • 02
    • Provision of customized information for the location such as tourist attractions, festivals, accommodations, transportation services, and popular restaurants using a tourist guide applied with the IoT, AI, AR, etc.
    • Improving customer service quality through real-time monitoring and control based on the digital twin technology
  • 03
    • e-Commerce that supports advertisement, booking, and payment services for convenient facilities
    • Systematic management of smart tourism cities through collection, analysis, and sharing of Big Data on usage of tourism cities

Application examples

  • Dino Mecard AR/VR at Anyang Art Park
    • Realistic experience of the target location through a digital twin model
    • Making the public become more interested in, and familiar with, the existing tourism resources (artworks) through AR/VR games, content, information guides, stamp tours, etc
  • Establishment of VR/AR/AI smart training centers for New Village Movement Central Training Center
    • Provision of group training content on the importance of environmental preservation and the global life crisis using VR/AR/AI
    • Effective delivery of the educational messages through AR frames, and VR video experiences
  • Multiparticipation type experience content of Korea Creative Content Agency
    • Production of cultural and art content that can be participated by multiple entities, and development of scenario-based content production platform
    • Provision of samulnori performance experience, history museum experience, fairytale play experience, and VR block coding education content
  • The National IT Industry Promotion Agency's support program for realistic content development for career experience of middle schoolers
    • Provision of opportunities to explore various occupations, and have distinctive career experiences in order to foster talents equipped for the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution
    • Professions of the near future (e.g. telemedicine coordinators, health robot engineers, etc.) are illustrated through interactive VR/AR content
  • Provision of various industrial safety training content to Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency, Samsung C&T
    • Realistic and effective training is given by recreating various types of accidents that can happen in industrial sites (robot crash, air conditioner related accidents, crane related accidents, falls, etc.) using VR content
    • It can be applied to various training and education courses for disasters that can happen in daily life
  • Launching of the VR shooting game BATTLE X
    • Supply for the global online store and LBE center (Steam, Viveport, Oculus Store, KBS K-STAR, Hit VR, Monster VR, etc.)
    • VR e-Sports that can deliver realistic weapons/tactics, and support a 8 vs. 8 team battle net for up to 16 players

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the addresses shown below. We will be ready to answer you.

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