Naviworks expands the base of XR training by providing 'Metabus Establishment' advanced training centers.


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This article was written from Today News. (www.ntoday.co.kr)


Provide hybrid service of VR and MR technologies


[Today News Sun-woo Jin] Rapid technological environment change through Metaverse (VR, MR, and XR), which breaks down the boundaries between virtual and real world. While these changes are also actively applied to education and training of police, military, and firefighting system, some of which are our vital safety network, Naviworks is opening a new chapter of high-tech training center.


According to an industry on the 23rd, Naviworks corporation is providing MR-based training services VR technology with over 20 years of training center know-how, including building an Army and Navy ship training center and maritime police training center.


Naviworks' training center has maximized training immersion with a systematic and flexible advanced training service through a service platform called "Common Framework for Domestic Virtual Training."


Accumulated data, personalized curriculum accessible 24/7, and Learning Management Service (LMS) providing professional training, training management, and evaluation, are used to achieve sustainable advancement of trainee capabilities.


With the advent of the era of technology acceleration in our lives, a metaverse environment that encompasses virtual and reality is solving a lot of difficulties in the past. In particular, the education system and training methods in the essential social safety net including such as military, police, and firefighting are examples with the drastic changes.


Traditional screen-based training, which has been limited due to its unidirectional training, is gradually evolving into VR/MR/XR interaction training with increased immersion. Training, which had to be carried out mainly by each individual only due to its separation from reality, is now developing into a form allowing multiple at once with MR technology.


Naviworks corporation supplies virtual training common framework, integrated training operation management solution, real-world devices and contents. Application of international quality processes, business analysis (BA), and software integration experts could overcome difficulties and present new directions to customers as advanced training centers in the metaverse environment.


"With discussions on building a metaverse world through virtual augmented reality in recent years, training services will be available only to companies that have a set of services such as operation and system design, technical support, operation maintenance, and standardized operation manuals," said a Naviworks official.


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Source: Today News (http://www.ntoday.co.kr)
This article was written from Today News. (www.ntoday.co.kr)

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