Kaywon University of Art & Design sings work agreement with Naviworks


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Source: UNN - the “power” that connects 409 universities (https://news.unn.net)


Kaywon University of Art & Design signed a industry-university collaborative MOU agreement with Naviworks on the 13th. (Photo provided by Kaywon University of Art & Design)


[UNN journalist Cho Young-eun] 
Kaywon University of Art & Design (President Song Su-geun) signed an industry-university collaborative MOU work agreement with the virtual reality service company Naviworks (CEO Jun-hee Won) on the 13th.


The agreement was signed to create a system for cooperation for the nurturing of future-oriented and talented individuals to lead the digital transformation era (VR, AR, XR, etc.).


Both institutions decided to actively cooperate regarding the discovery and progress of industry-university collaboration, nurturing of specialized personnel required by companies (institutions), community contribution through industry-university collaborative education volunteering and research, in-field practice and job-seeking/entrepreneurship support collaboration that combines industries and universities, and other items agreed upon as necessary.


President Song Su-geun stated, “Through this agreement our university will nurture suitable talented individuals through internships, in-field practice, etc. and Naviworks will acquire strategic personnel. Through this collaborative system, we expect to take the lead in the future metaverse service industry and the domestic AR/VR industry.


Cho Young-eun, Journalist cyecmu@unn.net


Source: http://news.unn.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=507518
UNN - the “power” that connects 409 universities (https://news.unn.net)

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