Naviworks’ smart city integrated platform, ‘Meta I Eyes’,
is an intellectual control system in the metaverse environment,
it simulates various urban problems and establish a real-time disaster response
and smart operating system cooperating with relevant agencies based on digital twin,
IoT sensor, Artificial Intelligence(AI), big data etc.

  • Urban situation simulation in 3D stereoscopic environment with digital twin

  • Real-time data collection and visualization through IoT sensor, CCTVs, various equipment etc.

  • Rapid collection with related organizations in the event of city problems

  • Protection for life and assets by strengthening the response system

  • Increased management efficiency through intelligent control

  • Smart government system to implement high efficiency / low cost

Meta Eyes

Metaverse type of disaster response platform for preventive control and real-time disaster response with related agencies based on 3D GIS

Meta Eyes - Visualization of data analysis and statistical 
status of collected data from sensor, CCTVs etc., Cooperation with CCTV, VMS etc. in operation,  Accident prediction and risk detection through comprehensive analysis of environmental and video information, Rapid linkage with relevant organization with 112, 119, fire department, local government city integration center and so on.