It is a metaverse platform that supports the authoring and execution of metaverse content, and even a monetization model through it,
so that the metaverse world for various business purposes can be easily implemented.
B2B/B2G metaverse specialist Naviworks achieves innovation with you through digital transformation of customers' business.

  • B2G
    • Organization/Process/City Competitiveness
    • Improve quality of life by efficient use of resources, space, and manpower
  • B2B
    • Building a digital economy ecosystem
    • Generate revenue and establish strategies through AI/Big Data Analysis
  • B2G
    • As Prosumer oriented services, it enables to create content and generate profits
    • Digital economy using coins, blockchain, NFT, etc
  • Culture and tourism

    Anyang Arts Park Dinosaur Mecard AR/VR

    • Realistic experience by digitalizing the spot
    • Increase interest and intimacy with existing tourism resources through AR/VR games, content, information, and stamp rallies, etc

    Freedom Protection Peace Museum Realistic Content Experience Zone

    • Content interaction through user touch and movement
    • VR/Haptic Tank Experience Simulator

    Korea Creative Content Agency multi-participatory experience content

    • Create cultural and artistic content that can be participated by many people and develop a script-based content writing platform
    • Samulnori performance experience, history museum experience, fairy tale drama experience, VR block coding education content provided

    VR Shooting Game BATTLEX Launching

    • Global Online Store and LBE Center Supply (Steam, Oculus Store, KBS-K-STAR, etc.)
    • VR e-Sports with realistic weapons/tactics and up to 16 people 8vs8 team battle nets
  • Education

    Realistic content development for Middle school career experience

    • Provide opportunities to explore career fields and provide unique career experiences for human resources development
    • Implement near-future occupations with VR/AR interaction content

    Building a Smart Education Center at Saemaul Movement Center

    • Provide group education content on the importance of global life crisis and environmental preservation through VR/AR/AI
    • Communicate messages effectively with AR frames and VR experiences

    Realistic educational content development for high school students for future job experience

    • Content implementation to train talented human resources of innovative society based on curriculum (VR/AR interior, IoT service design)
  • Public Safety

    Safety Health Agency, Samsung C&T Industrial safety education content provision

    • Effective and realistic education of various accidents occurring in industrial sites through VR content
    • Use for disaster experience and education that can occur in daily life

    Career Support Center Tank Simulator and AR Military Uniform Experience

    • Military Manpower Administration K-1 Tank Simulator Virtual Experience
    • AR Military Uniform Experience

    Anyang Dongan-gu Office Illegal Parking Prevention System

    • When parking in a no-parking area, an ultrasonic sensor automatically sends a no-parking area message
    • Established in areas where the number of regulations is high or complaints are frequent through to big data analysis