KAIST and Naviworks sign MOU for the advancement of AI in various industrial fields


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Source : This article was written by the Today Newspaper.(www.ntoday.co.kr)



【Today Newspaper Journalist Kim Min-su】 The KAIST AI Research Center (center lead Choi Ho-jin) and Naviworks (CEO Won Jun-hee) have signed an MOU for joint AI research.


The two institutions signed an MOU on the 2nd, agreeing to cooperate for ▲ discovery and operation of joint research projects for the development of new AI technology, ▲ recommendations and joint cooperation for acquisition of good talent in the AI field, ▲ and other AI technology acquisition support.


KAIST will work with 50 or so professors who are AI professionals in the computer science field with the vision of human-focused computing. They will utilize various relevant education, AI, natural language processing, and knowledge graph technology to create a synergy with essential CS fields including software engineering and human-computer interactions.


Naviworks, which was established in 2000 and is active in the VR training and smart control fields, will advance its services according to the business environment that is evolving towards metaverse usage to go beyond the national defense/public fields and reach out to ordinary industries, creating an O2O (Offline to Online) service that provides hyperrealism and hyperconnectivity in various areas of human life.


The agreement ceremony that day was performed with the Computer Science Director Ryu Seok-young and AI Research Center Head Choi Ho-jin of KAIST in addition to the CEO Won Jun-hee of Naviworks and the executives present.


Professor Choi Ho-jin of KAIST stated, “This is a good opportunity for good talent in the science and technology field to link up with actual industries and grow our country into an AI powerhouse in various ways. We hope that this cooperation will result in notable progress in the AI field.”


CEO Won Jun-hee of Naviworks stated, “Various cooperation and exchanges will occur based on this cooperative system. We look forward to setting an example for great synergy between academia and the industry in the AI field.”


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This article was written by the Today Newspaper.(www.ntoday.co.kr)

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