Naviworks, a virtual training company, first showcased virtual augmentation training platform 'VTB-X.'


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This product can configure a training system for each arm of service like Lego blocksvirtual combat training S/W available as well



Visitors to the ‘2020 Korea Defense Industry Exhibition,’ which opened at KINTEX on the 18th, are watching Naviworks’ VTB-X, a virtual reinforcement training platform developed by combining real-world technologies such as eXtended Reality (XR) and Mixed Reality (MR). VTB-X can combine and customize training systems according to variable training situations and customer needs just like Lego blocks. [Photo provided by Naviworks]


Naviworks, a company specializing in virtual training, introduced its virtual training platform (VTB-X) at the “2020 Korea Defense Industry Exhibition (DX Korea)”, which will be held from the 18th to the 20th.


VTB-X can plan and customize training systems based on variable training situations and customer needs as if playing with LEGO blocks. In fact, the idea was originated from a toy Lego block allowing users to assemble the shape they want.


Some review this event that Naviworks’ VTB-X has upgraded the overall quality of virtual training by combining real-world technologies such as eXtended Reality (XR) and Mixed Reality (MR).


The audience paid particularly high attention to training services based on a domestic universal virtual training framework, automated training scenario generation tools and multi-training based on multi-agent system, quantitative briefings with AI technology, After Action Review(AAR) automation, and real-time digital live streaming control.


Most importantly, it was remarkable to improve the audience’s understanding by exemplifying the training situation of the special forces.


A number of trainees, who understand the training situation and commanders’ brief through MS Hollens, carry out the mission through the real-world screen. Commanders can accumulate trainees’ data and improve the overall quality consistently through evaluation of the accuracy time required, and enemy mortality from the training.


Naviworks displayed VTB-X components together at DX Korea. It includes a virtual battle training software ‘RealBX’ and a VR Simulator Platform (VRSP) based on head-mounted displays.


The head-wearing display of VRSP can show a realistic view of the runway. The VRSP system can even control virtual instruments with Haptic steering technology, increasing soldiers’ immersion toward training. At the event, Naviworks showcased the technology using the UH-60 (helicopter).


"We expect our newly released VTB-X is expected to lead the domestic and foreign XR training markets as it can be applied to various fields including defense, public, special operations, and disaster response drills," Naviworks said. They also underlined their plan “to provide customized solutions that suit customer needs and domains."


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