Korea Security Authentication - Naviworks Signed MOU for Non-face-to-face Medical Services


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Published : 2020-11-09 14:32


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Prepare for the revitalization of non-face-to-face medical and digital healthcare industries by converging security certification platforms with smart healthcare


[Security News Reporter Sang-woo Lee] Korea Security Authentication (CEO Kun-dae Baek) and Naviworks (CEO Jun-hee Won) signed a business agreement to promote non-face-to-face medical services and various digital healthcare industries after COVID-19, jointly developing and marketing ‘smart healthcare and virtual/enhanced/mixed reality services through security authentication platform.’


Jun-hee Won, CEO of Naviworks (left) and Kun-dae Baek, CEO of Korea Security Authentication (right) [Photo = Korea Security Authentication]


Korea Security Authentication connects the authentication method with Naviworks' smart healthcare service by providing its integrated security authentication platform (OKey) to users. Korea Security Authentication specializes in IoT/ user self-authentication solutions, having various authentication technologies such as OTP, PKI certificate, FIDO, and medical security certification. In particular, OKey solutions can support authentication methods that do not require personal information.

Naviworks corporation specializes in simulation technology in the digital healthcare sector. The company provides hospital operation and management efficiency optimization services by applying the concept of a 'digital twin' that virtually embodies and tests the real world.

Through this agreement, representatives from both Korea Security Authentication and Naviworks showed their expectation to play a pivotal role in achieving high-tech medical standards including virtual surgery training and efficient hospital management systems and implementing individual medical diagnosis, smart reservations and remote care.

[Reporter Sang-woo Lee (boan@boannews.com)]

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