Naviworks Corporation won the Minister of Science and ICT Award at the Software Technology Awards.


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Reporter Na-rae Park. Publiched 2020. 12. 19 14:24

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Naviworks Corporation, virtual training company, won the Korea Software Technology Grand Prize at the 21st Software Industrial Day held at The K Hotel in Yangjae on the 4th.


Real Battle eXercise (RealBX) is a military tactical training software platform developed by Naviworks. Its exclusive realistic training service was developed with the technology of Korean IT venture companies.


This platform is known for automation on various functions needed for virtual training through Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and convenient training environment for customers using streaming control.


Localization of these virtual training products brings significance into the domestic market. With the RealBX solution, the military can minimize the overall cost of operation, maintenance, and foreign investment in the domestic virtual training market, which uses many foreign solutions.


In addition, core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution could be accumulated through this virtual traning system which later lead to another competitiveness and a new business growth engine.


"RealBX will become a global competitive IT export item through a new growth engine led by the export of services in the augmented virtual training field with high added value," said Naviworks officials.


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This report was written in Today News. (www.ntoday.co.kr)

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