Anyang City launched Augmented Reality (AR) APP game ‘Anyegong Dinosaur Mecard.’


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Reporter Ji-hye Woo Published 2020.06.02. 10:18


Provided by Anyang City


[Culture News MHN Ji-hye Woo] Anyang City announced the launch of the ‘Anyegong Dinosaur Mecard App’, which allows users to enjoy Dinosaur Mecard characters through Augmented Reality (AR) technology at Anyang Art Park (referred to as ‘Anyegong’) in cooperation with Naviworks corporation.


This APP is a mobile game to collect various mini-Dinosaurs- called "Tiny-saurs"- appearing on the animation Dinosaur Mecard from public artworks displayed at the park. Players can enjoy a variety of content such as stamp tour where they can get stamps from artworks, Anyegong playground where they can play in the virtual playground collecting Tiny-saurs, and dinosaur books where they can see information from collected Tiny-saurs, while taking photos of Augmented Reality.


Anyang City has been installing public Wi-Fi throughout Anyang Art Park to launch the Anyegong Dinosaur Mecard App since March. Anyegong Dinosaur Mecard App will be available at Google Play Store; the launch of IOS is also ahead.


Anyang City officials said, "We will reach out to potential users and children as a friendly fun Anyang Art Park through the launch of the Anyegong Dinosaur Mecard app." They added, "We will reflect users' opinions and feedbacks through continuous updates and promotional online community."


Anyang City launched Augmented Reality (AR) APP game ‘Anyegong Dinosaur Mecard.’


Source : http://www.mhns.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=409152

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